Teach Yourself Technology
Mouse and Keyboard:

Create a free account to learn how to type as well as improve your speed and accuracy.
A great explanation of how to use the mouse, including lots of hands-on practice and fun games. Perfect for the complete beginner.


GCF LearnFree
More than 90 tutorials on a variety of subjects; suitable for beginning and intermediate skill levels.
Short, sweet illustrated videos that break down tech topics into language that anyone can understand.
Basic computer tutorials for beginners.
Digital Literacy Assessment
Take free assessments on a variety of basic and intermediate computer skills to see what your strengths and weaknesses are, and then print off a certificate of completion.
Free videos and article tutorials on how to use popular websites like Netflix, Amazon and Gmail as well as various social networks. Especially geared towards baby boomer and senior learners.
Virtual Privacy Lab
Learn about privacy topics and generate a custom privacy toolkit geared towards your online needs. Toolkits include links, tips, and resources that empower you to customize your online identity. From the San Jose Public Library.


Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Publisher, Access)
Free tutorials from Microsoft on how to use their products, including Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Publisher and Access 2007-2013. Training courses are organized by product, then by skill level.
Adobe Creative Suite
Includes videos for the full Adobe creative suite, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, LightRoom and others. Suitable for beginners and intermediate students.
Floss Manuals
Find a variety of tutorials for open source software programs.

Blogs & Websites
Word Basics
Compter Basics
Power Point Basics
Email Basics
Internet Basics
Excel Basics
Uploading & Organizing Digital Photos 
Excel Intermediate
Skype Basics
Facebook Basics (for individuals)
Word Intermediate
Facebook Basics (for Businesses)